• notes from a self-proclaimed baker •

For quite some time now, I have been thinking of starting my own little cupcake bakery "babycakes" in my town. It's something that is much needed and I'm sure it would do very well... but with things so hectic in my life already, I don't really see it happening... at least not any time soon. With that said, I thought maybe a little blog would help me organize my cupcake recipes, pacify the need to bake and create a bakery without all the actual overhead that would come along with it.

I have been cooking and baking for many years - but over the past few years it has really started to interest me more. I also cook a lot at home, but I still would call myself a baker. I feel that cooking involves less "thought" - many times ingredients can be thrown into a pot and something wonderful comes from it - but BAKING ... you have to know what you're doing, take the time to do it right or disaster can strike. I'm not saying cooking doesn't take thought, of course it does - but for me personally, I find baking more of a challenge, which is why I enjoy trying new recipes and new techniques. I've also started using (and loving) better, richer, "more adult" type of ingredients - like dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. My taste buds have changed with age, and my baking is changing along with it. I believe all of these make or break a baker... Technique, patience (wait, did I just say I have patience!??), and good ingredients is a must for any baker.

Stay tuned for the cupcakes!


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